Clean Living and Discipline

Inspiration, My Yoga Story, Transformation

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    I feel that I have something to share with the world. I have an enormous passion to be the healthiest I can possibly be. And I live this passion every day of the year, as if I have been given this “job.” My yoga practice is my love and devotion, while being vegan gives me the strength, flexibility, courage and honesty to stay true to my healthy lifestyle. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, I learned I never want to live in a cold place ever again!! LOL! I also learned the profound power of dreaming and never giving up.

    I started playing piano at age 6, flute at age 8 and was always, always singing. I went to college to study music and sang in clubs and played in orchestras. Music touched me in a way that couldn’t be expressed in words; only by emotional sounds. And it was private. Since I was painfully shy, this was my outlet to the world. As I started taking yoga classes, I felt the same feeling of expression through movement while it was still very private and unique to me. Somehow, my focus shifted more and more to yoga and connecting with the divine. I always thought I would see the world through music, but when I am traveling and teaching yoga, I realize it’s all music, it’s all a cadence. Me and my original rhythm touring the world. My hope is to reach you either in person or through this big, global internet. I hope we have a moment of stillness, a moment of movement and a moment of utter honesty that will change our lives to be more caring, radiant, healthy beings.

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