My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Story

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    Tanya Boulton’s first time on the yoga mat was when she was 16-year old in California after running her body to the ground with long distance swimming and running. After sustaining injuries and a pain pill addiction, she decided to give up everything and strictly focus on the yoga practice. Tanya took her first class with Ana Forrest in 2000 and the mind, body, and spirit connection fully came to life. She wanted to learn everything she could from Ana, as she was fascinated by Ana’s technique and method. Tanya brought yoga to at-risk youth into two inner city schools in Los Angeles. In 2005, Tanya moved to Hong Kong and became a managing teacher at Pure Yoga. It is there that the concept of tanya-b yoga lifewear came about, being completely immersed in the booming yoga scene and forecasting the growth of the practice. Logging in a tremendous number of hours teaching coupled by enduring the loss of her father’s passing, the rawness and vulnerability pushed her desire for creating an authentic yoga clothing brand. She currently teaches public and private classes in NYC.

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