How Yoga Helped Me to Feel Safe in My Body

My Yoga Story

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    Urban Legend Alexa Silvaggio shares her yoga story with tanya-b. Alexa comes from a dance and musical theater background, touring around countries like Cuba, Russia, Spain, and China. She was drawn to the yoga practice after taking her first yoga class with Rusty Wells in San Francisco back in 2005. Once she became a yoga teacher in 2011, it didn’t take long for her to become brand ambassador for tanya-b New York, Gaiam, and Womens Health as a yoga teacher, writer, retreat leader, and speaker. She not only teaches in New York and throughout California, but has also taught internationally in Bhutan, France, Panama, Mexico, and Italy. It is her passion to help others seek the joy of their own experience on and off the mat, to cultivate a more loving relationship with mind, body, and spirit. The practice has allowed her to “come home” to herself, to her natural state of health and joy.

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